Our Franchise Business Model

We have created a proven franchise business model so that you feel confident to run your soccer business with simplicity and ease.

As a Soccajoeys franchisee you’re not only entering the thriving fitness industry, but you are also running a business that combines sports coaching and childhood development to make a positive impact within your community.

5 Simple Steps to Success

Recruit Coaches

Soccajoeys supports the coach recruitment process by leveraging a range of online recruitment platforms, partnering with local stakeholders, nurturing relationships with universities, and utilising contacts in the community with grassroots organisations.

Build Relationships
We provide you with the necessary marketing material for you to build awareness with your local community, schools, childcare centres, grassroots organisations, online social media, and local businesses.
Activation / Open Day

Soccajoeys offers free activation days at local community centres for families and children to experience the program. We also extend this offer to schools and childcare centres as free incursions to highlight our program curriculum.

Enrol Children

Having access to the easy-to-use Soccajoeys bespoke booking system and website, processing registrations and payments has never been easier.

Deliver the Experience

Soccajoeys takes great care applying physical literacy guidelines, and national child development requirements into their unique curriculum. Our methodology and coaching approach is child-focused and often the highlight of the week for our participants.

Our Brand Pillars


Our Franchisees and coaches follow our rigorous onboarding program and training curriculum. Use the Soccajoeys framework to train your own coaches and get them qualified. Naturally, all our coaches complete compulsory background and “Working with Children” checks to confirm safety and eligibility before they engage with children.
kids primary school soccer classes 1
preschool soccer action shot 3 high five

Customer Centric

Our bespoke Soccajoeys communication tools ensure that parents are continuously informed of updates, program changes and latest offers, which will provide them with tools that empower them to keep track of their communications, bookings and have the best experience with Soccajoeys.

Curriculum/Product Portfolio

Soccajoeys has taken a lot of care to produce a constantly-updated curriculum that is aligned with national and international childhood education standards and guidelines. We have developed and designed 9 products that increase revenue opportunities. This proven curriculum is what has ensured the popularity, respect, and growth of the Soccajoeys brand.

preschool kids playing soccer in class
boy sitting on soccer ball

Franchise Success Stories

I’ve always loved sport. As a mum with two young children, I love seeing my children active. So owning a business that combines these two passions together has allowed me to achieve many things personally and professionally.


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