Preschool Soccer Program

Soccer classes for preschool-aged boys and girls, 3 to 5 years old

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Looking for fun kids’ activities that also focus on their development? Our non-competitive preschool soccer program welcomes children of all experience levels.

Soccajoeys Preschool Soccer - More Than Just A Soccer Class

Do you have a little soccer enthusiast at home? Are you looking for fun kids’ activities that also focus on your child’s development and well-being while fostering their passion? Then our non-competitive preschool soccer program is for you! We welcome children of all experience levels.

Our Preschool program has set the benchmark for inclusive sports development programs. The benefits of this program include increased cardiovascular fitness, improved social skills, provide children with greater confidence, reduce risk of obesity and improved personal skills, including co-operation and leadership.

The perfect Soccer Class specifically designed for preschool-aged kids

Whether your children already love soccer or have never kicked a ball before, our Preschool program will draw them right in. We offer soccer classes Singapore-wide run by accredited experts to build on your child’s physical and social development.

Our soccer classes are the perfect way to give your little ones fun and engaging activities on a regular basis and achieve their age-appropriate developmental milestones along the way.

Soccer encompasses fun indoor activities for kids that are:

  • – Non-competitive and non-elite
  • – Continuing your child’s development with increased physical and social skill sets
  • – Encouraging children to develop and participate in sport
  • – Building team interaction
  • – Developing your child through soccer

By playing fun soccer games and participating in drills and challenges, we see development in the following areas:

Attention and listening skills

Balance & co-ordination

Increased physical skills

Social awareness

Team interaction

Improved self-confidence

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It was obvious to us on our first day of term that we were now involved in a real program that was actually preparing my children with the skills they needed to progress onto real soccer games.

Sara & Ben


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